Campus Oxford – quality summer and semester programmes for high school, GAP and college students

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update.

We hope that you are safe and well, and thank you for your interest in our courses. The current health emergency has stabilised in the UK and social restrictions are being eased as the rate of infections decreases. Government policy is directed towards steadily returning to normality, in a socially-distanced way, so as to ensure no increase in infections.

Staff and student safety is our priority and we must be fully confident that courses can go ahead safely, with appropriate safety measures in place. International travel restrictions are being lifted but with quarantine requirements.


Given the current circumstances, summer courses will not take place this year. However, there are online course options for students finishing grades 9-12.

We are offering the following online courses:

-Shakespeare, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Law & Society, Oxford Art & Architecture, Intro to Philosophy, Principles of Sports Management, Frontiers in Medicine, Intro to Genetics, Global Economics, Marketing, International Relations, International Human Rights, Introduction to Finance, International Business, Psychology of the Criminal Mind, and Developmental Psychology.

Classes run Monday to Friday 10-12 EDT, and run over two weeks. Our next session starts on the 20th of July, 2020 and runs until the 31st.

We look forward to welcoming students to Oxford again and are optimistic that courses will resume this autumn, with hygiene and safety provisions in all settings. Applications are welcome and the enrolment process will take place as normal. We won’t make final confirmation or request payment until infections have cleared, restrictions have been lifted and we’re confident about safety.

Places reserved on all courses can be deferred until the spring term, or autumn next year and enrolment can be withdrawn at any time, with a full refund.

This is an ongoing situation and this notice will be regularly updated. We’d also be happy to directly address any questions you have.

Study Courses & Cultural Experiences in Oxford

Campus Oxford have specialised in high-quality summer and Gap Year programmes for over thirty years. During this time our programmes have become a benchmark for academic quality cultural experience. Our students are typically motivated high school students and graduates, from the US and elsewhere, and our emphasis is on interactive, student-focused teaching in small seminar groups and one-on-one tutorials. We offer a supportive environment, in which students are encouraged to develop as independent, self-motivated learners.

Campus Oxford builds on long-standing relationships with high school students, their counsellors and parents. We offer a unique opportunity for students who wish to ‘step outside the box’ during their summer or Gap Year, and take an academic and cultural enrichment course in Oxford or Cambridge in order to extend their knowledge, develop their skills and prepare for the demands of college-level work.

Gap Year Programme

The Oxford Gap Year is the perfect way to prepare for the independent mode of study required at college and gives the opportunity to pursue courses of interest in depth and at a comfortable pace, freely exploring topics that arouse curiosity.  Skilled tutors provide a rich subject choice to  enhance knowledge in chosen areas, without formal assessment but with close engagement and support.  A varied cultural and visits programme compliments the study element.  Students may work on college applications with their tutors’ help or take time to decide on what direction to take next.   The ambience of Oxford, home to England’s oldest and most prestigious university, provides an historic and inspiring backdrop.

Summer Study Programme

The Advanced Studies Programme is one of the longest-established academic and cultural summer courses for High School students, offering a wide choice of engaging study subjects in small groups, following the Oxbridge tutorial method. Students thereby develop as confident and independent learners in the stimulating setting of an Oxford or Cambridge college. There is a full and varied programme of cultural visits, workshops and activities to balance the academic work.


A ‘Young Leaders’ course takes place in Oxford for those who relish the limelight, focusing on public speaking, debating and negotiating. We also offer a ‘Young Professionals’ course for students aiming for careers in Business, Medicine and Engineering, all in Oxford, and a Performing Arts programme at Tonbridge School and also, this year, in New York City. Finally, an ‘Oxbridge Preparation’ programme is available to help international students aiming to apply to top British universities.


Students enjoy a comfortable residential college setting for these courses, making each of them a unique summer study experience.

A Level Studies

The A-level is the UK examination at the end of a student’s High School, and normally three subjects are studied over one or two years.

It is not uncommon for some international students to consider applying to a British university.  If they have not completed high school to twelfth grade or equivalent, or for some reason have under-achieved they may be advised to sit the Advanced Level (GCE) exams, popularly known as A-levels.  Advanced Placement, although less rigorous, is the nearest equivalent to the A-Level, which is regarded as roughly equivalent in standard to courses taken in freshman year at a US college.   A good passing grade at A-Level will normally merit college credit and therefore permits exemption from a college course.

Students who choose to continue their education in the UK will need to qualify for entrance to a British university.  For those who have not achieved a sufficiently high standard of qualification in their home country, examination in two or three A-level subjects is normally required.  The A-Level is the usual qualification required for entry to a British university, with passing grades in two subjects being the minimum requirement.

The most popular subjects are :

Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Chinese, Economics, English Language, English Literature, French, Geography, German, Government and Politics, History, History of Art, Mathematics, Media Studies, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Russian, Sociology, Spanish.