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10 Things That Will Make Leaving Oxford University Very Hard

17th March 2016

Our Campus Oxford students quickly discover that there is a lot more to Oxford University life than the academics and books they expected (although those are, of course, extremely important) And by the time they come to leave, whether they have been in Oxford for 2 weeks or 2 months – or even longer in the case of some Gap Year students – while excited to be going home to their family and friends we have yet to have a single student not lament that there won’t be a laundry list of things that will miss about Oxford that will make it more than a little hard to leave. Although those things are different for each individual here are some of the most commonly cited:

The Dreaming Spires

dreaming spires

It was the poet Matthew Arnold who first wrote of ‘the dreaming spires’ of Oxford his poem ‘Thyrsis’ which marvels at the city’s architecture and skyline. And they really do look dreamy at any time, but especially at dawn and dusk.

Experiencing the Echoes of Students Past


If it isn’t exciting enough to actually be walking halls, pathways and staircases of Oxford University it’s also rather awing for any student to realise that they are following in the footsteps of so many illustrious alumni. From artists, poets and actors to mathematicians, physicists and chemists to political figures who literally change the world anyone will find that at least one or two of their personal heroes and heroines once walked the same paths that they are treading.

Visiting the Museums 

Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Oxford, UK

Even those who think they are not really ‘museum people’ find themselves fascinated by Oxford’s many museums. From the expansive Ashmolean Museum to the fascinating Pitt Rivers Museum to the endlessly fascinating Museum of Natural History , there really is something for everyone.

Punting Down the River Cherwell


There are a lot of waterways in the world that can be navigated in a boat of some kind, but the experience of punting down the River Cherwell is quite unlike any other..

Shopping in the Covered Market


A covered market has been a fixture in Oxford since Elizabethan times and shopping there in the 21st century is an exciting experience that is rather different to heading out out to the mall. The vast array of things on offer may drain your wallet a little, but at least you’ll have lovely things to take home.

The University’s Stony Stalwarts


It often seems that wherever you turn at Oxford University a set – or two – of stony eyes seem to be watching you. Oxford University is famed for its large population of gargoyles and grotesques. Ranging from quirky, funny and playful to downright spooky each one of them is a ‘face’ students usually remember for a long time after they leave.

Going to the Library Will Never be the Same Again


We’ve all been to libraries before, especially at school. However once you have spent some time wandering the shelves of the Bodleian Library whilst also marveling at its amazing architecture a visit to any other library will never quite live up to your expectations again.

The Food


British food gets a bad rep abroad, but only from those who have not actually tried it. From the beans on toast in the college commissary to the jam and scones for tea to the robust pies made using centuries old recipes students discover all kinds of delicious delights that they actually end up yearning for one they are back home.

The Quiet Walks in Unbelievable Scenery


There is nothing quite a quiet walk to calm ones thoughts, focus the mind and simply take time to soak in everything around you. Such a walk in Oxford takes you to some of the most fascinating and beautiful places you’ll ever see, whether you are strolling through the streets, wandering the University’s many pathways to admire all of the stunning buildings or simply standing on the hill in South Park, where you can take in the whole city in one eyeful.

The Magic 


If people tell you there is something rather magical about Oxford in general, but it’s hard to quite define it all, they are quite right. And it’s something you’ll only understand once you have spent time here.

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