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7 Things that Make Leaving Cambridge University a Bittersweet Parting

21st March 2016

Despite our name, Campus Oxford programs do encompass more than just Oxford University based offerings, should a student so desire. For example, they can, they can, if they prefer, experience the other side of Oxbridge by participating in a summer program based at Magdalene College, Cambridge.

The Cambridge experience is one that the students who have taken advantage of it have universally throughly enjoyed. And for most when it is time to leave and return home they have not only gained invaluable educational experience but are also leaving with memories of experiences, places and people they will remember fondly for life.

Cambridge University, and the town that surrounds it, has an awful lot to offer, but there are things that stick out for every student about their Campus Oxford Cambridge experience that particularly stand out. And although those things are different for each individual, here are some of the most commonly cited:

Walking in the Footsteps of Greats

NPG 211; Samuel Pepys by John Hayls

Magdalene College, which, as we mentioned is the venue for our Cambridge Summer Program can boast a rather stellar list of alumni, especially when it comes to the arts. C. S. Lewis, Charles Kingsley, Michael Redgrave and Julian Fellowes are just a few of the famous figures who spent their university years at Magdalene, as did, let’s not forget, such historical heavyweights as Samuel Pepys and Thomas Cranmer. And that is just one college. The list of Cambridge University as a whole is a who’s who of academics, politicians and artists that is awe inspiring for any student.

The College Architecture

Magdalene College Cambridge

Just like it’s rival Oxford Cambridge University is comprised of a number of colleges, each of which is completely unique, especially when it comes to their aesthetic appearance and architecture. The oldest of the buildings dates back to the 12th century while the newest are less than a decade old, meaning that a slew of English architectural styles are represented across the University and offer a treat for the eyes wherever one turns.

The Secret Gardens

hidden garden

Almost wherever you go on the Cambridge University ‘campus’, you can, if you look hard enough, find the most amazing hidden gardens that are perfect for a spot of solo study or a few minutes quiet contemplation.

The River


The River Cam is central to Cambridge and Cambridge life. A number of the colleges back directly onto it, including Magdalene, and scenic meadows and fields are dotted along its length. There is a reason that punting is more popular in Cambridge than almost anywhere else and that is simply that every minute spent on the water is one filled with scenery that is, in a word, unforgettable.

The Shopping


A trip to the local mall at home will often give you the chance to shop for almost anything and everything you need. Cambridge High Street offers the same convenience, just in surroundings that are so much more memorable and easy on the eye…

The Libraries 


Every great university can boast its fair share of wonderful libraries but when they look like this, it’s really rather special, and that is before you even look at the books.

The Food


No, British food isn’t bland, it isn’t boring and by the time Campus Oxford students leave Cambridge they have certainly realized that. And when even the humble local fish and chip shop looks like this it’s not too hard to imagine that dining out, even on the cheap, in Cambridge is an experience to remember.



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