Come to Oxford University and learn to be a Young Leader

Course Overview & Objectives

Instruction on the Young Leaders programme is centred around a weekly themed project. There is an exciting combination of theory lessons, interactive lectures, project research and real-life case studies. These provide a stimulating and varied learning experience.

The course objectives are as follows : 

  • to build students’ language skills and confidence in public speaking and presentation English
  • to develop negotiation, debating and leadership skills through a series of practical lessons
  • to challenge students in time management scenarios and co-operative management tasks
  • to encourage efficient research skills, critical thinking and problem-solving ability
  • to gain a better understanding of global English and its application for future learning


Accommodation – Wadham College, Oxford

The course is fully residential at Wadham College. Students each have a comfortable room in college, and all meals are provided, including a packed lunch on excursion days.  Wifi is available throughout the college and there is a weekly laundry service. 

Wadham is one of the largest and most progressive colleges of Oxford University, and was founded in 1610. The central buildings are a great example of the Jacobean architecture of that time.  The college gardens beyond are amongst the finest of all Oxford colleges. Famous alumni include Sir Christopher WrenRobert Boyle and Robert Hooke, famous scientists who were the nucleus of those who went on to found the Royal Society.

Weekly Project

At the beginning of each week there is a project introduction session in which the project for the week is announced and students are divided into groups. Initial roles for each student are assigned in this session and a project manager is elected. Throughout the week, students work together to research their project before performing or presenting their projects in the final project session.

Project sessions promote both learner autonomy and teamwork. Students are required to manage themselves and often other members of their group. Student strengths and ambitions are realised throughout the project and the project presentations illustrate this.

Theory Classes

Theory classes are specifically designed to complement the weekly project. Weekly themes include:

  • Politics
  • Journalism
  • Business
  • Law
  • International Relations

The theory lessons are revised each year and newly created to represent current events centred around the theme of the week. For example, typical law week theory lessons cover topics such as the language of the courtroom, the UK judicial system and a focus on a leader from the world of law.

Interactive lectures

The interactive lectures offer a mature element not experienced in other English summer schools which are constructed to benefit and correspond to the students’ project for the week. Modelled on university-style learning, interactive lectures provide content for discussion in groups and a constant interaction between the tutor and the audience. The benefits of this can be seen when students are able to apply the knowledge learned in the lectures within their project.

Young Leaders benefit from talks by guest speakers from leading organisations and brands, twice per week. These have recently included the Mayor of Oxford, Craig Simmons and Military and Leadership Consultant, Kathie Knell MBE. 

Case studies

Essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills for leadership are integrated into the Young Leaders programme through case studies. These cover four hours of tuition every week. Initially, students are provided with input and material on a real-life case study such as ‘Coca Cola’s marketing failure’. After which, small groups are required to research and present findings on a similar real-life case. These encourage a collaborative problem-solving approach.

Through case study research and reporting, students are better able to work independently and n groups and expand the skills and aptitudes needed to become successful young leaders.


Young Leaders will have an opportunity to put their learning in context with weekly academic workshops held in iconic locations, such as:

  • Royal Courts of Justice, London
  • Oxford Union, University of Oxford
  • Cambridge Union, University of Cambridge

Activities and Excursions

There is a varied programme of activities in and around Oxford during the course, and two full-day and one half-day excursion to places of interest and of relevance to the project topic. Entrances to all attractions on excursions are included in the course fee. 

The course culminates in a graduation ceremony at which students receive a report card and graduation certificate. 

Programme Dates & Tuition 2021

Wadham College, Oxford University

Two-Six week courses available: 29 June –  3 August


Course Fees 

The price per week for students aged 13-16 and 16-18 at Young Leaders is £1,800 ($2,340 for US applicants)

Included in Course Fees

Prices are fully inclusive, meaning that the only money students need to bring is for souvenirs!