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What Our Students Say About The Gap Year Program

22nd November 2018

What Our Students Say About The Gap Year Program
Why did you choose to participate in a gap year program?
‘I wanted to experience going to school and living abroad. I’ve always had a fascination with England’s culture and society, so I thought Oxford would be the perfect place to study. I have always been interested in literature, history, reading and writing. It seemed the perfect opportunity to develop these interests further.’
How did you decide which gap program was right for you?
‘I knew I wanted to study in England, so that narrowed it down to a specific location. I also knew what subjects I wanted to study. Campus Oxford helped me select a course which I was excited by and interested in.’
What is a typical day like in your gap experience?
‘Wake up, walk to school, grab a coffee at a local coffeehouse, then I’ll go to my classes (Oxford Classics, Art and Architecture, and Creative Writing). After school I’ll typically go home and do some homework then I’ll meet up with friends for dinner or a movie.’
What has been the most memorable moment of your gap year so far?
‘During the weekends, my friends and I like to visit places outside Oxford. We went to Bath a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved it there. I really enjoy how everything is so close together in England. You can just take the train and explore new places.’
What is your favourite class?
‘My favourite class so far is Art and Architecture. I’ve always been interested in that topic, but I’ve never really explored it. In the class we cover a lot of information thoroughly in a short amount of time. As there’s only me and one other student we can spend time focusing on the things we find particularly interesting.’
What advice do you have for others looking for a gap year experience?
‘When choosing a gap year I would say you should go with your instinct. Choose the institution and location that you connect the most strongly with. Academically, I would take advantage of this time by trying new subjects or diving deeper into ones you already love.’
Is there something special about the teaching methods on the Oxford Gap Year course?
‘The classes are very small so you get a lot of individual attention, the teacher is able to focus specifically on your interests and work with your strengths and weaknesses.’
You’ve decided to stay for an additional term, can you tell us why?
‘There’s so much more I’d like to explore and there are academic areas that I’d like to delve into more deeply. My experience in Oxford will help to shape my future. I’m so pleased I chose to study here.’
What’s been the biggest surprise of studying abroad for your gap year?
‘How international it is in England. I’ve met friends from all over the world. Within the college there is a lot diversity due to the mix of British and international students, which I really like.’

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